Vestige & Banxa

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Banxa.

Banxa is the world’s premier Web3 on-ramp and off-ramp solution. With cheap costs and access to a wide range of payment methods and accessible currencies, it provides companies and people with rapid access to blockchain solutions without requiring them to use a centralized exchange.

Through this partnership, Banxa has integrated Algorand into its on-ramp solution and is now working on the off-ramp (both of which will not require a KYC for transactions under $500). You can currently buy Algorand or USDC (as a native Algorand asset).

To use Banxa, go to or click the “Buy more” button on your Vestige portfolio page to have your address automatically filled in.



Vestige & Exodus

We are happy to announce our partnership with Exodus.

You may have noticed that Exodus wallet connect has been available on Vestige, however the cooperation goes beyond this. Our API is currently being integrated into the Exodus browser extension & mobile wallet by the Exodus team.

What you can anticipate from our relationship is that Exodus will directly draw our price and chart data from Vestige while displaying ASA data. In order to prevent malicious actors from showing up on the Exodus platform, only the ASAs that have been validated by the Pera Verification Program will be available.

We’re thrilled to have Exodus as a part of the Algorand Ecosystem!
You can download the wallet from




Vestige is a trading platform for Algorand Standard Assets.